Fix that Leaky Bathtub Drain


A leaky bathtub drain can be one of the most annoying things in the world.

You get in the tub to have a relaxing bath and before you know it, you’re losing water.

Depending on your system, it could be an easy fix, or it may be a complex task.

Let’s take a look at the common systems and the cure for your leak.

Drain types are so varied; there really isn’t a common drain type. So for starters we will look at the foot lock system.

The foot lock system is the type you can push down to lock with your foot. It has a rubber gasket seal around the bottom of the neck that connects to the tub forcing a seal. Now, just because this seal is not sealing, doesn’t mean you need a new seal. Sometimes hair or other contaminants could be embedding themselves in the seal creating a void. You might want to try cleaning the surface first. Just twist the plug counter clock wise to remove.

A leaky bathtub drain could be caused by a more complex system such as the pop up system. The pop up system consists of internal components that manually move the drain to the open and close position with the flick of a lever.

More than likely if you have a leaky bathtub drain with this system, it means that your linkage is a little fouled up. To remove this type of system remove the tub lever backing plate and pull out the linkage system. Clean the linkage with an old toothbrush and lubricate before reinstalling it back into the tub.

Basically all the systems have a gasket seal that forms around the drain. If you have a leaky bathtub drain, the very first thing you should do is check to see if the seal is faulty. Most of the time a leak can simply mean a little cleaning.