Excise Tax


excise taxExcise tax is a tax that is used for certain trades that are pertinent to American goods.

Sometimes referred to as an excise duty, it is often imposed upon gasoline, alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco.

The IRS pays close attention potential excise tax fraud as this is a criminal activity that is very commonly associated with organized crime.

The government relies heavily upon excise tax as it is often used for developing and improving transportation. Due to these implications, and significant loss of revenue, the IRS aggressively investigates and prosecutes those who are guilty of failing to pay excise tax.

If you have been charged with an excise tax crime, you must find an experienced taxation attorney who has a history of experience with tax trials.

Since excise tax is applied to drugs, many people don’t realize that those who deal with the illegal drug trade are avoiding excise tax. When a person is arrested for dealing illicit drugs they can also be charged with avoiding to pay the required excise tax.

If you have been charged with possessing drugs, then you must speak to your attorney regarding the possibility of being charged with failure to pay excise taxes. If the government decides to pursue this area, you must devise a strategy for your defense.

If the IRS pursues you for excise tax, they can levy your property and the penalty fines may be astronomical. The only chance that you have to protect your assets or to ensure that your spouse continues to have his or her belongings is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney who has proven experience dealing with excise tax cases as well as handling those cases when they go to trial.