evictionTenants and landlords have rights.

When a landlord and a tenant enter into a legal written agreement through a lease, both parties have certain expectations that must be met.

When one party fails to uphold their end of the agreement, either the tenant or landlord may chose to take legal action.

If rent isn’t paid or if there has been a violation of the rules on the part of the tenant, the landlord may choose to begin legal eviction proceedings.

There are laws that govern the eviction process, and these laws vary from state to state so it is important to understand the laws as they pertain to your situation.

Landlords must also realize that they may not simply evict a tenant without first taking proper legal action. There are steps that must be taken, as an eviction is a legal process. I

f you are a landlord and are having difficulties with a tenant and would like to begin an eviction process then you should speak with an attorney who is experienced with eviction cases.

In fact, if a landlord attempts to evict a tenant and does not follow the laws of eviction 100%, they risk losing their case and the tenant may be entitled to compensation for any damages that ensued.

Likewise, tenants who feel that they should stop paying rent due to the landlord’s negligence in maintaining the dwelling place should speak with an attorney for advice.