Law school is unquestionably a great step towards a fruitful and fulfilling career. Lawyers perform needed tasks for the public, serve respected positions in the government, and help to uphold our justice system. But establishing yourself as a new and respected lawyer is no easy task.

Like most careers, practicing law demands experience. General practice firms are more difficult to come by all the time. These days, most lawyers specialize in a particular area of law and build up experience and knowledge before tackling higher profile, more complicated cases. So how does a new JD graduate break into such a specialized career?

Why we’re asking:

After spending seven (plus) years in post-secondary education, law school graduates are more than ready to start their career. But we know it is never that easy. We are looking to our successful legal resources for advice for new graduates to ease their immersion into the work force.

We look to our Legal Resources to learn more:

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We look forward to hearing your advice for recent graduates!

Legal resources, please post your answers in the comment field below!