drunk drivingEvery state wants to keep their roads safe from drunk drivers.

However, some times mistakes are made. A driver may appear to be intoxicated but actually be under the influence of a legal prescription medication or even an over the counter medication.

It can be a very scary situation for a driver to be pulled over and subsequently interrogated by the police.

Often people do not know how to react in these situations, and may even give the appearance that they are resisting arrest, even when they aren’t.

When you operate a motor vehicle, you are essentially granting officers the right to test you for sobriety if they suspect that you are intoxicated. It is best to cooperate with officers and not to refuse any sobriety tests that they may choose to give you.

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is imperative that you seek the advice and counsel of an experienced drunk driving lawyer.

When you are allowed to call a lawyer will vary from state to state.

However, in all drunk driving arrests, defendants have the right to call their lawyer and have him or her present during questioning.

If you are unaware of the law or your rights, it is best to be as cooperative with the police as possible and when you do speak to an lawyer give a full accurate account of the events that transpired.

If the police questioned you without reading you your Miranda Rights, your lawyer may be able to have your case dismissed.