What is your dream project?


It’s easy to focus in too much on the toils that come along with working in the home improvement industry, and forget the fun parts. To lighten the mood and get to know our experts just a little bit better on a personal level, last week we asked them to describe their dream projects–the ones they would love to work on if budget were no option and they could just go crazy. We found out that home industry professionals can be quite imaginative! Here are just a few of their dream projects.

Grand View Builders

If given the opportunity to build a home with no limits, we would love to build an ultra-energy efficient home. … Building and designing an ultra-energy efficient home with state-of-the-art technology, energy efficient construction, appliances and lighting, and complete with commercially available renewable energy systems, including solar water heating and solar electricity, on an unlimited budget would be an excellent opportunity to test the possibilities of modern technology and realize the environmental and energy saving potential of all of the options combined.

We love that Grand View Builders are so eco-conscious in their dream project. Many people in the home industry are seeking ever easier and more budget-friendly ways to build with the environment in mind, but a lot of green technology is still prohibitively expensive. We would love to see the full potential of a totally green, eco-friendly home, too! Keep working toward that dream, guys; it gets more accessible every day.

Terry Peterman

…my dream concept was to have a Hot Tub that was about 1/4 inside, and 3/4 outside…. The idea was to have sliding glass doors to separate inside from outside, with heavy clear plastic dipping below the water line to properly seal it off. … Now imagine that it’s -30F, on a cold winter day, and after a hard day at work, you are able to change into your swimsuit in the comfort of your bedroom, ease into the 104F water of the Spa, and then open the doors and go outside to enjoy the crisp cool air, and never once be cold! It’s just one of the schemes I dreamed up while trying to cope with our Canadian winters.

We love this crazy, hair-brained scheme Terry’s dreamed up! Hot tubs are a dream home appliance for many people, but the season during which they are most desirable–winter–is also when getting to them is the biggest challenge. Terry’s idea is so crazy it just might work–given enough careful engineering, and a lot of trial and error. Here’s hoping you crack the code and can make an indoor-outdoor hot tub a reality!

Nancy Dalton

I am so fortunate to have access to the best of the best materials and products, so dreaming happens on a regular basis. My dream was to have a large bedroom and master bathroom ours was small. … [After the remodel] the master bathroom, bedroom and closet make us smile every day. The cabinetry is walnut, with a mix of limestone, glass mosaics and even a concrete wall tile in the backsplash. In this addition we added a hydronic heating and towel warming.

Nancy took a different direction, and instead told us about a project she had already made reality: the master bedroom and bathroom of her dreams. We loved her descriptions of all the minute, detail-oriented work that went into this remodel. It’s a nice reminder of how much fun home improvement can be, and how the process of renovation can be just as satisfying as the finished project. Dream projects aren’t out of reach if you’re willing to put in the time to do it just how you want!