Clogged Toilet Remedies: Be Environmentally Friendly


Clogged toilet remedies come in many shapes and sizes. There are some that are completely environmentally friendly and won’t cost you a penny. There are also options that are not in any way environmentally friendly and, in fact, may be dangerous to handle. Of course, which clogged toilet remedies you should attempt depends, in part, on what is clogging your toilet in the first place.

If you can identify the cause of a clogged toilet, you can choose a method based on the type of clog. However, far too often, we don’t know why the toilet is clogged. Generally speaking, you don’t realize there is an issue until you flush the toilet and the water doesn’t drain.

If you have small children in the home, it is often worth the time to ask them if they flushed anything down the toilet. If they have flushed small toys or other “debris” it would probably be a good idea to call a professional plumber. Depending on the material that was flushed, there is a possibility of serious damage to your pipes if the material is not removed properly.
However, a foreign object in your toilet drain is something of a worst-case scenario. In most instances, the clog is rather mundane and can be cleared using traditional methods.

However, you should know that chemical drain cleaners are bad for the environment, dangerous to handle and not particularly effective.

The two most effective clogged toilet remedies are using a plunger or using the hot water method. Of the two, the plunger method is recommended. It is fast, inexpensive and very effective if you can create a solid vacuum between the plunger and the toilet.

But when it comes to an environmentally friendly solution that doesn’t cost much money, both the plunger and hot water method fit the bill.