A clogged sewer drain can be caused by a lot of things. None of them are particularly “friendly” to deal with.

How do you know that your sewer is clogged in the first place?

You know because sewage is backing up your main drain in your house.

Here’s a happy scenario…

In most homes, this drain is located in your furnace or laundry room. You’re doing a load of laundry…the sewer drain is clogged…during the spin cycle, there’s a great force of water leaving and sewage floods your bathtub or sinks.

A growing problem when it comes to sewer drains is flushable baby wipes. The problem is that the material from the baby wipe can catch on the edges or fittings of the pipe or get caught by an existing clog. At that point, the baby wipe can actually start to expand which makes access to the drain by a snake auger limited or difficult.

A clogged sewer drain’s main problem is the fact that tree roots can enter the sewer pipes.

If you’re seeing a backhoe, plumbers and construction workers in your mind, I assure you that your problem can be solved with a simple phone call to a professional plumber.

A licensed plumber will have the tools and training to auger your sewer drain and give you some tips on how to avoid the problem from recurring again in the future.

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