Upgrading from fuses to circuit breakers is an excellent idea for the following reasons.

Fuses usually control the entire home but you are limited to how much power you can use at one time.

With a circuit breaker, you can run an entire home and not worry about tripping the breaker when you run more than one electrical item at the same time.

It is more convenient to have a breaker box than a fuse box.

Fuse boxes tend to blow when you create need for too much power at one time.

With the breaker box, it is rare to trip a breaker if everything is installed correctly.

Depending on the wiring you have in your home with a fuse box, you might need to upgrade the wiring as well.

If you need to upgrade to circuit breakers, calling a professional, licensed, insured electrician will insure that the work will be done correctly and to code, protecting the safety of your your home and family.

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