Catch Basins


If you have any catch basins on your property, you as the homeowner are responsible to keep the basins free from debris, both inside and outside of the drain system.

Keeping the grate clean is the easy part.

A professional plumber is needed to remove the grate and do the cleaning.

The storage area of the drain system will accumulate debris that settles on the bottom of the drain requiring that it’s cleaned out to prevent the flooding of streets and properties.

A professional plumber has the necessary equipment to clean the storage area by inserting a long extension into the catch basins that will determine the depth of the debris.

After the depth is determined, the plumber can remove all the debris which will prevent the possibility of flooding.

This isn’t a hard job, but more of an inconvenience to homeowners which is why many local plumbers offer their services for such a task.

The catch basins require cleaning before the debris reaches the half way mark of the storage area. The most important times to have the catch basins cleaned are in the fall and spring. Leaves and other debris fall through the grates into the catch basins throughout the year, but more so after the winter months and during the fall when the trees are loosing there leaves.

You want to have a plumber do this cleaning on a yearly basis. If you allow the storage area to become over half full, you not only risk flooding, but also the debris and pollutants can travel through the sewer system, ending up in streams and lakes or even the detention basins that your city has to collect water.