bill of saleWhether you are buying or selling a home, there is no substitution for having legal representation, provided by an experienced real estate lawyer.

Real estate law is complex.

Many people handle their real estate transactions themselves, only to find that their legal transactions weren’t binding because they failed to understand all the details of the transaction.

There are a number of complications and problems inherent to real estate law that often arise during real estate transactions.

A home seller works with a real estate agent who helps the seller find a buyer who is interested in purchasing the home. Many buyers and sellers make the mistake of believing that they only need to work with the real estate agent and never consult with an lawyer.

This is a grave mistake, and many people regret not contacting an experienced real estate lawyer when they discover a problem with the sale.

A real estate lawyer will take the time to preview any agreements or contracts before you sign them and will be able to clearly explain the fine print to you.

Both buyers and sellers should consult with an lawyer so that they fully understand the purchase contract.