Burnham boilers are a great option if you are installing a boiler system in your home. However, just like any other product, Burnham boilers have problems that may arise from time to time. Because Burnham boilers are available for many different types of fuels, it is important to understand what problems may arise for your type of boiler.

For example, Burnham gas boilers would be susceptible to different problems than Burnham electric boilers.
Burnham boiler problems can be caused by any number of things. One of the greatest concerns with any boiler is leaking water. You need to pay special attention to your boiler and at the first sign of any leak make sure to call a professional serviceman immediately. A small leak on a boiler is the first indication of a much larger issue and could quickly lead to a more serious failure.

Another issue to keep an eye on following any leak is the accumulation of rust. Rust is a serious issue when dealing with a Burnham gas boiler.

The Burnham thermocouple system could be another concern. The Burnham boiler thermocouple identifies when the pilot light is lit and therefore determines whether the gas line should be open or closed. If this part is not working properly the gas line will remain closed even if the pilot light is lit. This will not allow your boiler to operate and can be a difficult problem to diagnose if you are not a professional. Because the thermocouple is such a vital part of your boiler system, it is highly recommended that a professional replace the thermocouple.

Any heating system can be a source of problems. Burnham burners and boilers are no different than any other manufacturer. Just make sure that you understand how your system works and what the first signs of trouble look like so that a small problem doesn’t become a big problem later on.

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