Over the past few years, green plumbing has gained popularity thanks to conscious consumers and plumbers.

There are things you can do to bring green plumbing into your home.

Do you worry about the amount of water you use on a daily basis?

Do you feel your water bill is too high?

Anybody who is interested in bringing green plumbing into their home can do so by following these conversation tips:

1. Install low flow shower heads to cut back on the amount of water that is used while showering.
These particular shower heads are called energy efficient shower heads because they also decrease energy consumption due to less water needing heated.

2. Install low flow toilets.
Low flow toilts use less water per flush than a more traditional setup. In fact, these toilets use roughly 1.6 gallons of water per flush whereas “older models” use as much as 3.6 gallons.

As you can see, installing a low flow toilet can save thousands of gallons of water per year, per household.

3. Install faucet aerators.
Generally speaking, an aerator breaks down the flow of water into small drops. This allows you to use less water while still maintaining effectiveness in washing your hands, etc.

Are you surprised at how easy it can be to bring green plumbing into your home? You may be shying away from the above options because you don’t want to pay a plumber to install the proper equipment.

But remember, when you add low flow shower heads and toilets, as well as faucet aerators, you are saving a lot of water. And when you save, your monthly water bill is going to be lower than ever before!

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