The boiler fill valve is a very important part of your boiler system. The boiler auto fill valve makes sure that the system maintains a certain level of water pressure even on the top floor of your home. You may think that this sounds like a very simple piece of your boiler system but making sure that the pressure is set properly for your home is something that is part skill and part art.

An automatic fill valve boiler system is much more improved over what was used in the past. Back then, in order to fill the system you added water from the top to make sure that all of the pipes had water. It was a simple system and it made sense. The only problem was that before pressurized plumbing, you would have to carry buckets of water to the top floor of your home to maintain the water level in the system.

Even when pressurized plumbing was introduced it became clear that adding water from the top of the system had its drawbacks. Therefore, the boiler fill valve was introduced. The main trick with the boiler fill valve is adding enough water pressure to the system to achieve an acceptable static pressure for the system to operate efficiently. Too much pressure will cause the pressure release valve to trip and not enough pressure will leave the house without heat.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your boiler fill valve I would recommend that you call a licensed service technician in your area to look at your boiler system. Boilers have many different parts which need to be working in harmony with each other for your heating system to operate at maximum efficiency. A trained professional will be able to quickly find any problems with the system and maximize your heating system’s performance.

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