By now you’re familiar with our series uniting experts in the home improvement industry. If not, read our announcement.

During our last round, our experts predicted the 2011 home improvement trends. They outlined everything, from colors and design to materials and fixtures. However, one trend dominated the rest: going green. Thus, for this question, we wanted to see how going green affects the homeowner.

Why We’re Asking:

Over the past few years, Going Green has become an increasingly popular trend and it looks like it is here to stay. Sustainable materials, energy efficient appliances, re-purposed furniture, recycled artwork…the green movement is appearing in our homes now more than ever. Implementing eco-conscious practices into our homes not only protects the environment and resources, but it can also protect our families, by eliminating toxins, for example. As a consequence, many people are injecting some green into their homes.

As the green movement gains steam, more eco-friendly alternatives are becoming available. However, going green is a relatively new concept, so it got us thinking. If “green” is a new concept, wouldn’t that mean there aren’t as many eco-alternatives to fuel endless remodeling possibilities? And, if that is the case, wouldn’t it mean homeowners would need to make sacrifices in order to go green? For an individual homeowner, are these sacrifices worth it?

So experts, it’s time to dish it:

Does going green limit homeowners?

We want more information on how this green movement is affecting homeowners, so enlighten us!

How do you think going green constrains homeowners in the design/remodeling process? Are there any limitations or sacrifices required?
How does cost play into this: do you think homeowners sacrifice hard-earned money by going green? Where is the overlap between being cost effective and going green?
For homeowners on a smaller budget, which green elements are the most cost effective? Does a small budget limit going green or can a little go a long way?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!