Black Market Adoptions


black market adoptionsWhen it comes to adoptions, it is very important that people use a licensed adoption agency or a private adoption attorney.

However, many people chose to bypass the legal adoption rules, guidelines, and laws and engage in the illegal practice of black market adoptions.

Not only are black market adoptions illegal, they are risky on many levels.

State and federal laws certify adoption agencies. They serve to ensure that children who are being placed for adoption go to homes that have been inspected and verified to be healthy functional units.

The adoptive couple and home are not inspected, certified, or investigated. They pay high fees for children that are hand picked for the parents. It is also a common practice for the birth certificates to be altered and falsified in these adoptions, making it appear as though the adoptive parents were the original birth parents.

In black market adoptions, the adoptive parents are essentially buying a child.