Back Knee Shoulder Injuries Due To Work


back knee shoulder injuriesEmployees who have been injured on the job should retain the services of an experienced lawyer who specializes in workers’ compensation claims..

If accidents take place at the workplace there are many stipulations that may come into effect and will ultimately determine whether or not they will be covered by workers’ compensation.

The best way to determine what laws are applicable for your situation is to schedule a consultation with a lawyer to review your specific situation.

For instance, if you were injured at your place of employment but were not scheduled to work then your claims for workers’ compensation may be denied.

Often employees suffer back, knee or shoulder injuries from operating equipment, in which case, operating the equipment is a direct requirement of the job and the claim will most likely be approved.

Typically, recipients of workers’ compensation can expect to receive between 50-60% of what their regular salary was and the payments should last the duration of the injury, until the worker is able to reenter the workplace. If the injury is permanent, a lawyer may seek more aggressive forms of compensation for the injuries.


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