We asked our green experts whether it was more beneficial to act green or to buy green. We wanted to know whether energy efficient, eco-friendly products trumped simple changes of wasteful habits.

Check out the infographic below, comparing the operating costs of energy efficient, green products and their regular, outdated counterparts. You might also enjoy our related infographic on wasting water in the home.

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Buying Green


Act Green – Stick with your normal shower head and learn to suds up in 9 minutes instead of 15.
Buy Green – Buy a low-flow shower head and enjoy your normal 15 minute routine.
Act Green – Turn on your incandescents at 5pm and do your chores quickly…the lights go off at 5:49pm sharp!
Buy Green – Turn your LEDs on at 5pm, and keep them on until you go to bed at 11pm.
Act Green – Be nice and cool when you crank up the A/C. But you only get 2 hours, so choose your time wisely.
Buy Green – Enjoy the relative comfort of your energy-efficient ceiling fan for 24 hours a day.
Act Green – Explain to your dinner guests that they’ll have to keep to your strict two use per flush policy.
Buy Green – Spring for an energy-efficient toilet and f lush to your heart’s content.
Act Green – Your old washer is pretty thirsty. Better wear today’s outfit at least two times before throwing it in the wash.
Buy Green – Your new Energy Star washer sips on water so you can clean your duds after each and every use.

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