3 phrase wiring, in electricity, refers to the timing that magnets pass over electrical coils.

3 Phase is simply single-phase wiring that has additional coils.

The difference is found in the fact that with 3 phase wiring, the wires are out of phase or are 120 degrees out of alignment with one another.

In single-phase wiring, the coils are in alignment.

Also, with 3 phase wiring, all of the wires are hot.

Another major difference between single phase and 3 phase wiring is the way in which the coils are wound.

Single phase wiring has coils that are wound in a uniform manner. The first coil is wound clockwise, followed by counter clockwise, and the pattern continues.

With 3 phase wiring, there are many different wiring patterns available.

3 phase wiring is very powerful and is typically used for commercial purposes. However, if you want to convert your home to 3 phase wiring, it requires the expertise of a professional electric contractor. It is not a simple do it yourself home project.

The wires are color coded and are not the same for every country. You might have a diagram for 3 phase wiring that could be the wrong color code for your particular country.

Working with wiring of any type should be considered very carefully before any work is started. Contacting a professional, licensed, insured electrician is the way to make sure your wiring is done correctly.

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