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Critical case for a major appliance repair
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What Is a Fridge Evaporator Fan?

Knowing what a refrigerator evaporator fan is and how it works can help you spot common cooling problems.

Caucasian Mature women shopping for a washing machine at a discount store wearing a protective face mask
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Scratch-and-Dent Appliances: What to Know Before You Buy

Getting a scratch-and-dent appliance can save you big, but it's important that you be well informed about what you're getting into. Here's our guide.

person cleaning kitchen backsplash, kitchen backsplash, person, human, human hand, hand, arm, human arm, person wearing red shirt, red shirt, glove, yellow glove, yellow glove on hand, person wearing red shirt and yellow glove cleaning kitchen backsplash, white tile, white backsplash, white tile backsplash, pink cloth, microfiber cloth, pink microfiber cloth, cabinets, under cabinets, backsplash
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How to Clean Grease and Gunk From Around Your Range

If your kitchen cabinets, counters or exhaust fan have accumulated some grease and grime, try using these homemade cleaning solutions to banish that grease and leave your kitchen sparkling clean.

Men use safety harnesses to ascend into a tall Linden tree to prune its branches with a chainsaw
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Does Your Tree Need to Be Pruned or Trimmed?

The fast answer to the query of whether your tree needs to be pruned or trimmed is a resounding “both.” A look at pruning and trimming in greater detail can help you understand which actions are needed and when.

A person wearing yellow gloves and blue jeans uses a chainsaw to cut down a tree, person, chainsaw, tree, cutting down tree, chopping down tree, gloves, yellow gloves, jeans, blue jeans, chainsaw, orange chainsaw, power tool, green grass
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7 Tips for Cutting Down a Tree

Cutting down a tree may seem like a simple enough task, but it's essential to know how to do it safely. Here are our top tips for cutting down a tree.

A tree that has been topped stands with its branches cut off against a backdrop of healthy green trees and a blue sky, tree, topped tree, trees, green trees, leaves. blue sky, branches
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What's Wrong With Tree Topping?

If you’re a homeowner considering tree topping, you might want to think twice before you reach out to an arborist for an appointment. Topping trees sets the stage for decay, disease, tree failure and tree death.

spray foam application
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How to Protect Your Home During a Surprise Freeze

A freeze can catch anyone off guard — especially if it happens outside of winter or in a normally warm area. Preparing your home for this situation can save you headaches and money down the road.

birch firewood background
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Everything You Need to Know About Firewood

Firewood is the fuel for your fireplace or wood-burning stove. If you're curious about the ins and outs of firewood, here’s some information on wood types, storage, cost and other factors.


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