5 Ways to Keep Drains Smelling Fresh

Smelly drains aren’t just limited to the bathroom; any drain in your house can stink, and the odor can spread around your home. Luckily, cleaning and keeping your drains fresh is often an easy job.

How to Repair Your Water-Damaged Hardwood Floor

However, don't despair if you've got a water-damaged hardwood floor. You can often repair water damage for significantly less than it would cost to start over with a brand-new floor.

What Is an Epoxy Floor?

If the sight of a bare concrete floor leaves you cold, installing epoxy flooring might be the attractive alternative to warm up to. An epoxy coating can liven up high footfall areas like garages without compromising durability.

7 Ways to Save on Your Electric Bill

It might not seem like leaving on a light here or there adds much, but it can make a big difference on your utility bill. Learn how to save on an electric bill with these methods.

Don't Mail It In: Here's How to Install a Mailbox

Installing a mailbox is relatively easy. The main concern is following the regulations, so you don't face the wrath of your mail carrier. Use this as a guide.


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