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locksmith concentate to open the door with cylinder tools - can use to display or montage on product or service lock and secure
Home Improvement
Bea Johnson

What Are the Different Types of Locks?

Just what types of door locks do you need for your home? Learn more about the different lock types in this handy guide.

Young Woman Looking At Repairman Repairing Dishwasher In Kitchen
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Dishwasher?

Dishwasher acting up? Fortunately, dishwasher repairs are often cheap and straightforward, but it could be worth replacing an older unit if it develops an expensive fault.

roofer inspecting gutters on a house
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Michael Franco

What Is a Roofing Inspection and What Does It Include?

Perhaps the most important roof-maintenance task you can do is to schedule regular roof inspections to make sure it's functioning at its full potential.

technician checking oven with meter
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

Why Isn't My Oven Heating Up?

When you're looking forward to a freshly baked cake or batch of cookies, a stone-cold oven is the last thing you want. There are various potential causes of an oven not heating up; which is to blame often depends on whether you have a gas or electric oven.

closed toiler in a small bathroom
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

How to Remove Rust Stains in the Bathroom

Rust stains make even the cleanest bathroom look dingy. Here's how to get them gone for good.

close up of cedar siding with multiple paint samples on it
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

What Kind of Paint Do You Use on the Exterior of a House?

You can't just use any paint you have lying around to paint your house. Knowing what exterior paint is best for house painting can help you ensure a beautiful, long-lasting finish.

Wolf double oven
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

How to Save Energy While Using the Oven

Cooking food in the oven comes at a cost to your wallet and the planet. Fortunately, you don't need to sacrifice crispy lasagnas or fluffy, home-baked cakes to save energy.

Urgent case for a major appliance repair
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

How Much Does It Cost to Switch From a Gas Stove to an Electric Stove?

If you want to switch from gas to electric in the kitchen, you’re probably concerned about cost. Here’s what you need to know before you go electric.


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