What's a Semi-Inground Pool?

by Team eLocal
Aluminum sides and support beams are laid out in an excavation during a suburban home swimming pool installation project.

Nothing beats a dip in the pool on a scorching day, and you can get the most out of your pool by choosing the best installation option for your needs.

A semi-inground pool could be a great choice if you have a wonky backyard or want to create a calming oasis with integrated features.

What Is a Semi-Inground Pool?

Semi-inground pools are installed with part of the pool above ground level and the lower section submerged below ground. Therefore, you'll need to dig a pit to contain the inground section. Generally, most of the swimming pool is below ground level, and the walls extend above the ground. Semi-inground pools usually have a uniform depth of around 4 feet and can be made from vinyl, fiberglass or concrete.

The primary advantage of a semi-inground pool is that you can use the walls to create extra features. For example, you could build a poolside bar or add integrated pool entrances or waterfalls.

What Are Some Other Names for Semi-Inground Pools?

Some above-ground pools are suitable for submerging partially below ground level. An above-ground pool sunk into the earth is sometimes called a semi-above-ground pool.

How Deep Are Semi-Inground Pools Buried?

How deep a semi-inground pool is buried depends on the pool's design, how much raised wall you want and your yard's landscape. Most pools installed on level ground are sunk a few feet into the earth. However, you can also install a semi-inground pool on a slope with just one end of the pool submerged.

What's the Difference Between a Semi-Inground and an Inground or Above-Ground Pool?

The difference between a semi-inground and an inground pool is the degree of submersion below the ground. Semi-inground pool walls extend above ground level, but an inground pool is entirely below ground. Unlike a semi-inground pool, you can't install an inground pool on a slope.

Meanwhile, an above-ground pool is entirely above ground level. Therefore, you won't need to dig a pit to install an above-ground pool like you would for a semi-inground pool. Above-ground pools are usually cheaper options because they're easier to install.


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