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How Long Does It Take to Replace a Roof?

Replacing the roof on your house is a major project and can take days or weeks, depending on several factors. Here's what you can expect for your project.

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Should You Tip Your House Cleaner?

You may wonder if you should tip your cleaner after they’ve finished tidying up your home. The answer to this question depends on the types of services you're requesting.

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Matt Schmitz

VIDEO: Your Ceiling Fan May Be Turning in the Wrong Direction!

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan as the seasons change helps keep your home more comfortable while conserving energy and saving money on your utility bills. And doing so is as easy … as it is breezy. Watch this video to learn how.

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Michael Franco

How to Get Spots Off Your TV

We all want a couple of bright spots in our day — just not the kind that appear on our TV screen. If your TV has spots, here's what you need to know.

A closeup of an outdoor air conditioning unit that has frozen over, frozen, freezing, freeze, ice, icy, frozen AC unit, frozen HVAC unit, frozen air conditioner, AC unit, air conditioner, hvac unit
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Michael Franco

Why Did My Air Conditioner Freeze? (And What Can I Do About It?)

Sometimes, your AC unit can freeze, causing it to malfunction and potentially suffer damage that can not only hurt your physical ease, but your financial comfort as well. Here's how to fix this issue.

"A pressure washer sprayer is cleaning a weathered treated wood deck railing. The wood on the left has been  cleaned, the right is dirty and weathered, showing the contrast. The background are blurred trees."
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Michael Franco

Hit the Deck! How to Clean Decking

Keeping your deck clean is important — both in terms of aesthetic appeal and increasing its longevity. Here's what you need to know about deep-cleaning your deck.

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Michael Franco

Why Does My Dishwasher Smell?

If your dishwasher smells, it usually means that grease and food particles are trapped somewhere in the unit. Here's how to de-stink.

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Matt Schmitz and Lauren Leazenby

VIDEO: Know Your Android or iPhone Smartphone's Serial Number? You May Need It!

If you need to have your smartphone serviced or repaired, you may be asked for the serial number. Do you know your phone’s serial number? Of course you do, right? It’s 2, 4 … niner … OK, well, what ultimately matters is that you know how to find it. Watch this video to learn three ways to find the serial number on your iPhone and three ways to find the serial number on your Android smartphone.


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