How to Drain a Hose Bibb for Winter

Learn how to drain a hose bibb for winter to prevent major plumbing issues inside your home. It's a quick and easy project that most homeowners can — and should — handle.

There's No Heat In My House: How to Troubleshoot

Got a house with no heat? Start your troubleshooting by reading these helpful tips.

Things That Go Bump In the Night: Spooky Home Sounds You Shouldn't Ignore

Phantom sounds don’t necessarily mean your home is haunted. However, some noises could be a signal that something’s up with the vital systems of your home.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Lead Paint?

The EPA says that if you own an older home, you should assume it contains lead-based paint. If you suspect there's lead paint lurking in your house, hiring a professional to mitigate the situation as quickly as possible is essential.

How Much Do Snow Removal Services Cost?

Shoveling snow can be dangerous and time-consuming, so it may be worth investing in professional snow removal services this winter. Keep these costs in mind.


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