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Electric panel
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What's the Difference Between a Circuit Breaker Panel and a Fuse Box?

Your house has either a circuit breaker or a fuse box. But which is which — and how are they different?

smart front door and keypad lock
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Can a Smart Lock Be Hacked?

Because smart locks are connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, many people worry about the risk of hacking — which would actually make your home less secure. Here’s what you need to know.

problème avec une clé cassée en gros plan
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What to Do If a Key Breaks Off in the Lock — 5 Things to Try

It's a situation out of your nightmares: You turn the key in your door lock, only for it to snap off in your hand. Try one of these methods to free a key that's broken in a lock.

A gray key fob is connected via a keyring to a gold colored house key bearing the words Do Not Duplicate, keyring, gray key fob, key fob, key, fob, house key, gold colored house key, black granite countertop, black granite, granite, black
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How to Copy a Key Fob

Knowing how to copy a key fob can save you time and money next time you need a spare for your car or home.  Here's a how-to guide.

ceiling lights, lights, kitchen, kitchen lights, kitchen ceiling, lights on, recessed lights, recessed lighting, cabinets, white cabinets, kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, microwave, white microwave, appliance
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What Is Recessed Lighting?

If you long for an uncluttered aesthetic or want to avoid banging your head on a pendant light, recessed lighting could be the answer.

Water flowing down a residential street to a storm drain on an overcast day.
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What's a Storm Drain?

If sudden downpours always send you into a panic, installing a storm drain may help ease your stress by protecting your landscaping.

Wolf stovetop and range hood with pot filler on wall
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Here's How to Clean Your Range Hood

Regular cleaning ensures that your range hood runs efficiently. It can also eliminate a source of grease fires. Here’s how to clean yours.

woman buys a Dishwasher
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Michael Franco

Should I Get the Extended Warranty When I'm Buying an Appliance?

In the market for a new appliance for your home? It pays to take a closer look into extended warranties and what they offer before opening your wallet.


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