How Much Will You Pay for Lawn Care Services?

by Team HomeServe
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Mowing and other lawn care chores can interrupt a relaxing summer day. Hiring someone to take care of the yard can shorten your summer maintenance checklist and give you more free time.

But how much does lawn care service cost? Before you start looking for someone to hire, you may want to know how lawn care costs are calculated.

What Factors Determine How Much Lawn Care Services Will Cost?

Lawn maintenance costs can vary considerably depending on a number of key factors:

  • Size of the yard
  • Hills and landscaping
  • Desired services
  • Type of company and contract
  • Materials and supplies
  • Frequency of services
  • Geographic location

Understanding how each of these factors affects the cost of lawn maintenance service can help you get a lawn care plan that fits your needs and budget.

1. Size of Your Yard

The square footage of your yard will affect maintenance expenses. The cost of lawn-cutting services will depend on the square footage of grass or sod, and companies may also consider the size of other landscaping, like flower beds or bushes.

2. Hills and Landscaping

A motorized or riding mower can quickly cut a large flat area of grass, but steep slopes and complex landscaping can make a lawn challenging to mow. Fences, walkways and other landscaping obstacles can also increase the cost of services.

3. Add-On Yard Services

Lawn maintenance can involve more than just cutting the grass. You may choose to pay only for mowing services, but many companies offer additional services like:

  • Over-seeding
  • Sprinkler system maintenance
  • Lawn treatment services like fertilizer and weed control
  • Yard cleanup
  • Caring for flowers and other plants

Each service can add to your lawn care costs. Many companies offer packages for those who need more than basic mowing. Companies may charge hourly for jobs like yard clean up and pruning.

4. Type of Company

A large lawn care company will generally cost more than hiring a neighbor's teenager. However, large companies have their own equipment and offer additional services.

A contract for services over many months may also save money. Paying by the hour or for each service is often more expensive than a package. Ask for a pricing chart to see the company's options.

5. Materials and Supplies

Whether you take care of your lawn or hire someone to do it, you'll cover the expense of materials and supplies. A lawn care company will likely build the cost of supplies into their prices. The amount and quality of supplies will impact pricing.

6. Frequency of Services

Hiring someone to come several times a week to weed your garden and care for your property will cost more than hiring someone to stop by and cut the grass twice per month. A company might mow every week, but package prices may vary depending on how often fertilizer and weed treatments will be applied.

7. Geographic Location

Finally, lawn care service costs can depend on where you live. Living costs vary between cities and states. If you live in a warm climate where lawn care is needed all year, your average lawn care costs will be higher than those of someone who only needs lawn care for a few months during the summer.


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