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Septic cleaning and sewage removal. Emptying household septic tank. Cleaning sludge from septic system.
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How Much Does It Cost to Have Your Septic Tank Pumped?

Did you know you need to have your septic tank pumped every three to five years? Here's how much the service will cost.

Suffolk, Virginia, USA - June 15, 2014: A horizontal shot of a collection of opened and unopened American brand cans of paint, wood stain and paint sprays organized neatly on a wooden shelf. The brands include cans of indoor house paint by Sherwin Williams, spray paint by Rustoleum, and wood stain by Minwax.
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How Long Can You Store Paint?

Having leftover paint after a project is expected — especially because it is better to have too much than too little. But how long does paint last in storage?

Built-in coffee machine in contemporary kitchen no people
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How to Install a Plumbed or Built-in Coffee Maker

While you can technically turn any coffee maker into a plumbed coffee maker, sometimes it’s better just to buy one that’s already constructed for that purpose. Here’s a complete guide on everything you need to know about built-in coffee makers, including how to install one.

Young Man in Glasses Wearing a Blue Shirt is Adjusting a Modern Wi-Fi Surveillance Camera with Two Antennas on a White Wall at Home. He's Checking the Video Feed on his Smartphone.
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Here's How Much It Costs to Install a DIY Home Security System

Installing a home security system is an effective way to protect your family and belongings. Nowadays, you can purchase reliable DIY home security kits, which can save you money on labor fees.

A house in a desert climate is xeriscaped with desert friendly shrubbery and gravel and a small patch of green grass, xeriscaping, desert, desert shrubbery, small patch of green grass, green grass, gravel, blue sky, sunny day
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What Are the 7 Principles of Xeriscaping?

In desert and drought-prone regions, xeriscaping can help you create a beautiful, eco-friendly garden in a dry environment without using a lot of water. Here's what you should know about the landscaping method.

pocket door inside the wall
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Do You Need Deep Pockets to Install a Pocket Door? Here's How Much Pocket Door Installation Costs

Hinged doors can get in the way in a small home or high-traffic area. An alternative option is a pocket door, which disappears when you open it. Here’s a breakdown of pocket door installation costs.

A decorative white garage door sits shut in a view from the opposite side of the white paver stone driveway, garage door, white garage door, white decorative garage door, door, nice house, paver stone driveway, white paver stone driveway, driveway, paver stones, paver, white door, house, home, residential house
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How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Garage Door?

Replacing your garage door is not a DIY task. On average, you'll pay an expert $950 to $2,000 to install a new garage door.

ceiling lights, lights, kitchen, kitchen lights, kitchen ceiling, lights on, recessed lights, recessed lighting, cabinets, white cabinets, kitchen cabinets, white kitchen cabinets, microwave, white microwave, appliance
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What Is Recessed Lighting?

If you long for an uncluttered aesthetic or want to avoid banging your head on a pendant light, recessed lighting could be the answer.


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