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Hands wearing black rubber gloves unscrew the P-trap from underneath a bathroom sink, black rubber gloves, rubber gloves, under sink, sink, pipes, plastic pipes, copper pipes, sink cabinet, bucket plastic bucket
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Shelley Frost

Why Does My Bathroom Smell Like a Sewer?

Is the smell in your bathroom a little off (and not for obvious reasons)? Troubleshoot bathroom sewer smells with this guide.

The cockroach crawling around faucet.
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Gwen Case

Are There Different Types of Cockroaches?

Cockroaches are dreaded pests that bring images of bulging eyes and dirty brown bodies to mind. But what if you see a bug that doesn't quite match your mental picture of a roach?

SUmp pump battery backup and alarm
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Sandy Hess

Alert: Here's What to Know About Sump Pump Alarms

A sump pump alarm is an electronic device that monitors the water level in your sump pump’s basin. While the sound of this alarm doesn’t necessarily mean there’s an emergency, it does mean you need to take action.

Two plugs in North American electrical outlet with extension for six sockets on white wall. Electric multi splitter with several few cables plugged into it.
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Michael Franco

Can You Leave Small Appliances Plugged in?

The decision to leave small appliances plugged in when not in use is a balancing act between convenience and energy conservation. This guide can help.

A fully installed sump pump is shown under a flashlight beam sticking out of a concrete basement floor with exposed pink insulation visible in the background, sump pump, pump, sump, basement, concrete floor, basement floor, flashlight, darkness, dark, insulation, pink insulation, exposed insulation, flooding, flood, flood control, flood prone, flood prevention, plumbing
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Shelley Frost

Does Your Home Need a Sump Pump?

Do you need a sump pump? That depends on several factors, including the weather where you live and whether you have a basement.

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AdobeStock 135664105

Be Your Own General Contractor. Here's How

Traditionally, people hire general contractors to oversee and manage projects. Being your own general contractor means you take on this role yourself, and handle all the responsibilities and risks involved.

Fungus gnats are shown stuck to yellow insect paper affixed to a potted green houseplant with natural light in the background, green houseplant, houseplant, green, plant, green plant, potted plant, potting soil, natural light, soil, insect paper, insects, bugs, gnats, fungal gnats, fungus gnats, flying insects, dead bugs, dead insects
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Elizabeth Michael

What Are Those Tiny Bugs in My House — and, More Importantly, How Do I Get Rid of 'Em?

While some common small black bugs are more frustrating than harmful, others can spread germs and cause wicked bites. Here are some helpful tips to identify and eliminate small bugs in your house. 

Male handyman with tool belt against stucco wall.
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

Being Your Own General Contractor: Pros and Cons

Being your own general contractor is one way of reducing your costs, and there’s the added benefit of knowing the project is your own. However, for every upside, there’s a countering downside.


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