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illustration of a window unit with rings showing btus per square foot
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Team eLocal

Everything You Need to Know About BTUs and Air Conditioner Sizing

If you're in the market for a new window unit or portable air conditioner, you'll need to understand some AC sizing basics.

Smiling Woman Looking At Technician Fixing The Door Lock With Screwdriver At Home
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Team eLocal

11 Key Facts to Know About Locksmiths

If you find yourself locked out of your house or car, locksmiths are the next best thing to a superhero saving the day. They've swooped in to rescue many of us, and like your favorite cape-clad comic-book character’s secret identity, they’ve got a few secrets up their sleeves.

garbage disposal unit under kitchen sink
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Team eLocal

Here's How to Properly Use a Garbage Disposal

Now that you're the proud owner of a garbage disposal, you're going to need to know how to use it. Listen: We’re not here to judge you. We’re just here to help. Here’s a how-to guide.

Critical case for a major appliance repair
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

Why Is My Refrigerator Warm?

If your fridge feels a little warm, a thermometer can help you determine the exact temperature. Here’s what to do if you find that your fridge’s temperature falls above the 40-degree mark.

Modern dining table and hallway with hardwood flooring.
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Team eLocal

How to Properly Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

When was the last time you gave your hardwood floors more than a quick sweep? Here's how to give them all the TLC they need.

Light grey and spacious basement area with staircase.
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

What's a Finished Basement?

Before you get nervous that the contractors aren’t 100% done working on the home you’re pining after, you should know that a finished basement refers to material finishes, not the degree of completion.

Senior Adult air conditioner Technician/Electrician  services outdoor AC unit and the Gas Generator.
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

What Size Generator Do I Need?

A home generator can be a lifesaver during a power outage. Learn how to choose the right generator size to keep your essential appliances running.

Planned renovation of a Luxury modern bathroom Bathtub in corian Faucet and shower in tiled bathroom with windows towards garden
Home Improvement
Oriel Roy

How Much Does It Cost to Convert a Bathroom to a Wet Room?

Converting a regular bathroom to a wet room can be pricey, but understanding what makes up the cost can help you choose options to suit your budget.


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