Should I Get the Extended Warranty When I'm Buying an Appliance?

In the market for a new appliance for your home? It pays to take a closer look into extended warranties and what they offer before opening your wallet.

Scratch-and-Dent Appliances: What to Know Before You Buy

Getting a scratch-and-dent appliance can save you big, but it's important that you be well informed about what you're getting into. Here's our guide.

What Is a Fridge Evaporator Fan?

Knowing what a refrigerator evaporator fan is and how it works can help you spot common cooling problems.

Does Your Tree Need to Be Pruned or Trimmed?

The fast answer to the query of whether your tree needs to be pruned or trimmed is a resounding “both.” A look at pruning and trimming in greater detail can help you understand which actions are needed and when.

What's Wrong With Tree Topping?

If you’re a homeowner considering tree topping, you might want to think twice before you reach out to an arborist for an appointment. Topping trees sets the stage for decay, disease, tree failure and tree death.


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