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A pair of female hands unfurls a roll of solar window film to tint the floor to ceiling windows of a home with a sunny sky in the background along with the top of a nearby building, solar window film, window film, window, windows, solar, tint, window tint, female hands, hands, female, unroll, roll, unfurl, sky, sunny sky, building
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

What Is Solar Window Film and How Does It Work?

Solar window film is a clever home upgrade that can significantly increase your home's comfort and efficiency without breaking the bank.

A white colored baseboard heater is shown affixed to the lower portion of the wall in a room with a tile floor, tile floor, tile, baseboard heater, baseboard, heater, radiator, HVAC, heat
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

How to Clean a Baseboard Heater

Is your baseboard heater looking a little dusty? It might keep chugging along, but your baseboard heater will work more efficiently if you give it a thorough cleanup occasionally. Here's what to do.

Kitchen renovation - before photos
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

Why Are My Lights Making a Buzzing Noise?

A buzzing light fixture is never something to ignore. While the sound could simply mean you need a new lightbulb, it could also be the first warning of a potential electrical hazard.

A room in a home is extremely cluttered with varied household items, clutter, messy room, junk, decluttering
Home Improvement
Sarah Stasik

How Much Do Different Storage Options Cost?

Self-storage solutions keep your belongings safe during a house move or declutter. Learn how much storage costs for a storage unit or pod rental.

detail shot of hansgrohe rain shower head
Home Improvement
Kaia Koglin

What Is Hard Water?

This article provides an overview of what hard water is. It includes information about different levels of hardness, why it's a problem and possible solutions.

A refrigerator door is open to reveal food inside as well as where you can find the silver placard with the serial number and model number of the appliance, appliance, kitchen appliance, kitchen, food, food in fridge, serial number, model number, eggs, egg carton, fridge, refrigerator
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

How Long Does Food Keep in a Fridge or Freezer During a Power Outage?

Sooo ... the power went out. Here's how long your food will keep in the fridge and freezer.

technician working on a water heater
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

What Does a Water Heater Pressure Relief Valve Do?

Welcome to the world of water heaters, where a small but mighty hero stands guard: the pressure relief valve. Think of it as the guardian of your hot water tank, making sure it doesn't become a safety risk.

Water overflows ot of a white porcelain toilet and onto a dark colored tile floor in a residential bathroom with white walls, overflow, overflowing, overflowing toilet, toilet, commode, water, flood, flooding, tile floor, granite tile floor, white walls, restroom, toilet seat, plumbing, plumber
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

Why Is My Toilet Overflowing?

Your toilet could be overflowing for any of a number of reasons. We’ll help you get to the bottom of it.


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