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Contractor inside of home renovation of basement inspecting the work
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

When Is the Best Time of Year to Renovate Your Home?

Home renovation can be a significant undertaking, and choosing the right time of year for your project can impact its success. Here's what you need to know.

Man repairing collapsed ceiling. Ceiling panels damaged  huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ceiling .
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

How Much Does Mold Removal Cost?

Excess mold can make your home unliveable. Removing it is often necessary. Knowing how much mold removal costs can help you prepare for this service.

Installation a deadbolt lock
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

Need a New Deadbolt? Here’s a Cost Breakdown

Knowing when a deadbolt should be replaced and the potential cost to install or replace a deadbolt lock ensures you can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Locking smartlock on the entrance door using a smart phone remotely. Concept of using smart electronic locks with keyless access
Home Improvement
Carina Jenkins

7 Common Myths About Home Security: Debunked

There are many myths surrounding home security, but these systems have changed drastically in recent years. Some of the rumors are no longer true.

close up of a bed bug
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Avoid Bringing Bedbug Souvenirs Back From Your European Vacation

Bedbugs are not a souvenir you want to bring home from your travels abroad. Here's what you need to know to stay bedbug free on your next overseas vacation.

Happy black woman smiling while using dishwasher at home kitchen
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Load Your Dishwasher So Everything Gets Clean

Mastering the art and science behind loading a dishwasher can significantly improve the cleanliness of your dishes. Here's how.

A closeup of a vacuum cleaner attachment is shown cleaning an HVAC vent with a human hand visible in the background, hvac, hvac vent, AC vent, vent, cleaning, dusting, dust, vacuum cleaner attachment, attachment, hand, human hand
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Clean HVAC Registers and Vents

Over time, HVAC vents can accumulate dust, dirt, and allergens, reducing the system's efficiency and indoor air quality. Here's how to get them clean.

A window lock is shown in closeup with natural light coming in from the outside, window lock window, windows, window locks, security, home security, lock, locks, window sill, window jamb, sill, jamb, glass, natural light, light, locked, safety, home safety
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Install Window Locks

Window sash security locks provide an effective and simple solution to enhance the safety of your home. Here's a primer and step-by-step installation guide.


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