You should request a real estate certification when you are buying a home. You should also have a real estate certificate if you are selling a home. Many lenders will not give you a mortgage unless you have the property inspected by a pest control company. This will ensure that the home does not have any pest control problems such as termites. Termites are the biggest concern for lenders and property owners. If the property does not pass inspection, you should consider looking somewhere else. This also depends on your lender.

In some states, the seller must have the real estate certificate before listing the home for sale. This will help the sale move faster as you do not have to wait for an inspection report and certificate. If the lender or the state does not require this service, you will want to request an inspection, especially if the property is near wooded areas or there are signs of pest infestation in the home. The exterminator will inspect the property inside and out for any potential problems. If the home has a pest problem, the seller should contact an exterminator before listing the house.

Proper pest management needs to be done before selling or buying any property. You do not want to find out after you move in that there are pests in the home. If there is a termite infestation, the damage could be costly and will have to be fixed to keep the home safe to live in. Homeowners insurance will not cover any damage done because of a pest problem. It is for the new buyers protection to ask for a real estate certificate that shows the home is free from pests and the damage they can cause.

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