There are many pros and cons of using pesticides. The number one con is that they can cause harm to the environment. This is not true in most cases. Pesticides used by exterminators are approved by the government’s EPA as being safe to humans and domesticated animals. If the pesticide is not approved a pest control company will not use it in your home. One of the cons of using a pesticide is that you need to identify the insect or pest before using a pesticide. Not all pesticides are made for every insect or pest. This means you have to keep a supply of half-used containers around the home, which is dangerous.

Pest control is not done with just one pesticide therefore, you will have to identify the pest, buy the pesticide, read the ingredients, understand the ingredients, find out if they are safe around humans and pets, and buy the proper gear you will need to apply the pesticides. It would have been easier to call the exterminator, than to do all this and still not be 100% sure you are doing everything right. If used correctly by a trained person, pesticides do help control infestations.

Professional exterminators use different methods along with pesticides that make the pesticides reliable. You do need to protect your home and pesticides allow you to do this but you have to look at the extent of the infestation. Pesticides are not an immediate bug killer they are a bug controller. Do not make the mistake of thinking bugs are going to die instantly, because sometimes it takes a while. This some homeowner’s feel is a con for a pesticide. Talk to a professional if you need some pest control done. They can talk with you about the pros and cons of different methods of pest control.

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