Termite baiting systems are environmentally safe and can destroy a colony without any work at all. What a pest control company will do is place the bait systems outside of the home about every fifteen feet. The professional exterminator will come and check the stations for termite activity. If they find any activity in the stations, they will then add the poisoned bait cartridge, which the termites will feed on and return to the colony with. This will kill the colony of termites. There are some advantages to using the new termite bait system verses the other method of treatment.

With the bait system, entire colonies are wiped out and it requires no drilling or liquid pesticides used inside the home. With this pest management plan, your home is protected from termites as long as you have the bait systems in place. Exterminators will continue to monitor the stations and check for termite activity. You do not need to be home when the exterminator comes because the stations are outside of the home. The convenience of using the bait system as well as the effectiveness is something that has made the termite bait system very popular with homeowners.

The bait stations are approved by lending institutes as a way to protect new home construction. This means you are going to be protected from the beginning and will not suffer any termite damage. Pest control is essential when building a new home or buying a home. Many lenders are requiring real estate certificates as a way of insuring the homes are free of infestations of any kind. The new age termite control will protect a property before any damage is done. This alone is a reason to have the termite bait system. A homeowner will have continued protection and peace of mind.

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