Water heater expansion tank installation is a small, yet important part of your water heater system.

It’s utility and necessity revolve around a single important question.

What happens when water is heated? Do you know the answer? Find out below.

Answer: It expands. Additionally, if that water is in your water heater, and if there is no place for that water to release to, it may damage pipes or the water heater itself. It may cause leaks, or in some cases bursting of pipes.

In the most serious cases, the water heater tank can collapse over gas pipes and cause carbon monoxide to enter a home, that is, if the water heater is powered through natural gas or propane.

To solve this quandary and protect the $500 to $1000 investment in the water heater as well as residents health, many people opt for an expansion tank. A water heater expansion tank installation may actually be required by state-law due to the extreme case described above.

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An expansion tank is basically a flexible rubber bladder that catches the excess size of the heated water. You should communicate effectively to a professional plumber and make the water heater expansion tank installation as clean as possible.

To do this, it is necessary to know the capacity in gallons of your water heater (generally 50 gallons for a 3 bedroom home), as well as the water pressure of your piping system. Once these specifics are communicated to your professional plumber, he or she can make the appropriate choice for your water heater expansion tank installation.

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