Most water bugs will bite and it is painful. They are not poisonous, but do inject saliva to subdue their intended victim. Water bugs are found in water supplies such as pools, ponds and fountains. If you have a few of these bugs, you are safe. If you have an infestation, you need to eliminate them before working with the water or going swimming. You can scoop them out of the water with nets, but if the infestation is heavy you are going to have too many to work with and more will keep coming. Pest control is vital to control this bug.

Even chemically treated swimming pools will attract water bugs. A pest control company will have different methods for eliminating the bugs who become immune to the chemicals in the water supply. Professional exterminators use methods that are safe for the water as well. It is important to eliminate all the water bugs before entering any water that is infested. Exterminators will inspect the problem and go over different effective methods for eliminating water bugs. Once the pest management plan is started, you need to keep up with the treatments in order to protect the water supplies.

If you are in need of pest control, look for a licensed and insured exterminator who has experience working with elimination of water bugs using a safe and proper method. Any over the counter remedies will not be as effective as the methods an extermination company will use. The key to eliminating the water bug also includes preventing them from returning to your water supplies. It will cost less to hire an exterminator than it will be to continue trying different over the counter products. These products may become toxic to anyone touching the water.

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