Wasps are a problem that many people encounter during the spring, summer and fall months. If the wasps have a hive close by, you will have more trouble with them entering the home through small cracks, door frames and ripped screens. They can enter the home through an unprotected attic vent as well. Wasps will sting and many people are allergic to them. If you have an infestation outside or inside the home, you need a professional exterminator to eliminate the wasps. They can become angry if you swat them or try to exterminate them yourself. There is a specific way to get rid of a wasp problem.

First, you have to find the hive. This is not an easy thing to do. A pest control company can inspect the home and yard to see where the wasps are nesting. You cannot touch the nest at anytime. Even getting close to the nest can cause the wasps to attack. When you need pest control because of wasps, you will need someone who works with this type of pest problem. After eliminating the problem, you need to have a pest management plan in motion to keep the wasps from returning and building a new hive.

Without the proper care, you could become seriously injured if the wasps attack in a swarm. You cannot just remove the hive with spray. There are precautions to take as well as safe methods for applying pesticides to stop them from returning. Any time you have a wasp problem inside or outside, you should contact a licensed and insured exterminator to eliminate the pest. You can use a bomb to fumigate, but you need to know that all the wasps are dead and the hive has no activity. If some wasps survive, you are likely to get stung.

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