When it comes to employment, nothing may be more important than wage and hour law.

Without wage and hour law, unfair policies and practices would rule and very few would ever earn a fair amount of money for the amount of time they invest in their jobs.

Wage and hour law govern many issues.

Some of the issues governed by wage and hour law are how much employees may earn when they work overtime, and legal age requirements for workers.

Minimum wage is essential to ensuring that companies operate in a legal and fair manner.

In fact, minimum wage laws are instituted in at least 90% of the world’s countries.

All employers must abide by the rules set in place through the wage and hour law and pay their employees the full share of their wages as well as any overtime to which they are entitled. This is specifically important when employers are paying tipped employees. For instance, if an employee does not earn the equivalent of what they would have made with minimum wage it is the responsibility of the employer to make up the difference.

Employees should understand the business in which they work, so that they can ensure that they are being paid fair wages for their work and that no minimum wage laws or rules are being violated.

If you believe that your employer is not paying you the wage to which you are entitled, you should contact an experienced employment attorney.

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