visitation rightsWhen a couple gets divorced and they have children together, they must determine issues of custody and visitation.

There is no way around it, and though everyone would like to believe that divorce will make life simpler, easier, and better children are often hurt through the process.

All issues of custody and visitation should be made with the interest of the child or children at heart.

No matter how much you’d like to write your spouse out of the picture, all children need the reassurance of both parents. Unless one spouse has been convicted of abuse or neglect, visitation rights are not only in the child’s best interest but they are provided for by law.

The best course of action is for both parents to come to a reasonable arrangement regarding issues of custody and visitation amongst themselves. If they can work through these issues with the assistance of their attorneys and mediator, they may be able to avoid the need for a trial.

It is much more cost efficient and less time consuming to work out this issue without the need for intervention from the court. However, if the couple cannot come to an agreement, the courts will step in and a judge will decide issues of custody and visitation.

If you are in the process of a divorce, seek the services of an experienced family law attorney, especially one that is familiar with custody and visitation issues. Even if you feel that you and your spouse have worked out an amicable agreement, it is still wise to have an attorney review your case and the agreement you created with your spouse.