The underlayment is a vitally important part of your roofing system.

In between the roof and the sheathing, the underlayment is the layer that actually provides protection from moisture.

Underlayment choices, at one time, were optional, but today, they are required for homes and are regulated by laws and codes.

Choosing the correct underlayment and maintaining its condition is a very important part of roof maintenance. Several different materials used for underlayment…felt, synthetic, and self-adhering, A roofing contractor will determine the best underlayment material for your roof.

In areas that are prone to high winds and hurricanes, roofers are turning to synthetic underlayments. These underlayments have shown less damage in hurricanes and are quickly becoming the preferred material in these regions.

Underlayments are the first defense against leaks and excessive moisture. It’s much easier to repair the underlayment then to deal with structural damage that results from accumulated moisture.

Not only should you choose underlayments based upon their structural components, but on their economical value as well.

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