Unclog a Floor Drain: Complicating Factors


In order to unclog a floor drain you will need to take extra steps and use a different set of tools than you would use to clear other drains in your home. Unfortunately you cannot simply bust out your plunger or run hot water down the pipes to clear a blocked floor drain.

The reasons why these traditional methods won’t work on the main floor drain are simple. First of all, access to the main floor drain is generally blocked by a clean out plug. This clean out is necessary for the main floor drain so that dangerous sewer gasses don’t seep into the house. The second major problem is the size of the drain.

The main floor drain is much larger than the other pipes in your home, if this pipe is clogged; chances are that there is either one massive clog or several clogs within the drain. Finally, the actual location of the clog could be twenty, thirty or fifty feet down the drain line.

The best method to unclog a floor drain is to use a power auger. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have a power auger sitting in the garage or toolshed. Even if you did, because of the clean out plug, access to the main drain with an auger is often very difficult.

Depending on the location of your clean out plug, the auger snake may need to make some very extreme angles in order to reach the main drain line. Another thing to keep in mind is that the clean out plug needs to be secured tightly; sometimes this necessitates the use of Teflon tape or a similar sealing material to keep the sewer gasses in the sewer where they belong.

Remember that not all sewer gasses can be detected by the human nose. For these reasons, when your floor drain clogs, call a licensed plumber.