Sexual harassment is a type of discrimination.

Just as there are many types of discrimination, there are also many types of sexual harassment.

Where discrimination may be defined as unfair or unequal treatment of others, sexual harassment can better be defined as making unwelcome sexual comments or advances towards another person.

There are basically two different types of sexual harassment.

Quid Pro Quo is the type o sexual harassment that occurs when someone in authority tries to subject you to trading sexual favors for other benefits. There may be a number of different situations that are classified as Quid Pro Quo sexual harassment, however the basis or nature of the incident is the same.

Hostile Environment is when someone is in a work environment and is unfriendly or hostile due to the amount of sexual harassment that is being experienced. The nature of the harassment, either physical or verbal, makes the person feel uncomfortable in the work environment.

Sexual harassment is not based on gender. It may be from the same or opposite sex. Today, it’s becoming more commonplace for people to experience sexual harassment based upon their sexual orientation.

Usually, sexual harassment does not go away if it ignored.

If you believe that you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment it is important that you document the facts of the situation or the incident as it occurred and schedule a time to speak with an attorney. You should never try to sweep sexual harassment under the rug in hopes that it will simply end.

Retaining the services of an attorney and taking appropriate legal action will put an end to this dangerous form of discrimination.