Trusses are a very important aspect of roofing.

They are the main structures that support the roof. They are very strong, can be built in a variety of shapes and can be moved at a later time.

Because trusses are a main part of the roof’s structure, they must be repaired or replaced immediately if they become damaged.

If the trusses are bad, deteriorating or damaged, the entire roof is in jeopardy. Therefore, you should plan for regular inspections of your roof as well as the trusses to ensure that they are in stable condition.

Sometimes, a roofing contractor will repair the trusses by ,essentially, overlapping the two pieces of wood. Other times, it will be necessary to reinforce the broken truss by replacing the damaged section of wood.

Since trusses are such a critical piece of your roofing system, it is imperative that you have a professional roofer handle the job. If the problem is serious, the roofing contractor will rely on the opinion or advice of an engineer to determine how to best repair the damage.

There are several reasons why trusses become damaged and need repair. The most common reason is extreme natural conditions. Hurricanes, earthquakes and heavy winds can cause such great damage to roofing structures that the trusses become weakened.

Excess moisture can also cause deterioration to the trusses. Sometimes, the trusses simply wear out because the wood is old.

Whatever the reason, damaged trusses should not be neglected. They must be repaired immediately by a qualified roofer.

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