truck accidentsTruck accidents are one of the most severe forms of vehicular crashes.

When vehicles are involved in truck accidents, the injuries may have lifelong consequences.

A high number of truck accidents occur each year because llong haul truck drivers work on long hours, have tight schedules, and may accelerate their speed or drive under sleep deprived conditions.

Another factor that causes truck accidents to be severe is the fact that many trucks carry flammable or toxic substances, so when these trucks are involved in an accident, the devastation may be great. Not only is the risk of lifelong or severe catastrophic injury great when truck accidents are involved, but so are the incidents of wrongful death.

Trucking companies do everything in their power to settle accidents without going to court. Therefore, if you have been involved in a truck accident, you may find that an insurance agent approaches you shortly after the accident.

Never agree to sign anything presented to you by an insurance agent as this may limit the amount of compensation that you can collect at a future time.

When an accident first occurs, file an accident report immediately. The accident report will be used to prove the extent of your injuries as well as damages to your property.

Even if you feel that your injuries were minor, do not delay going to the hospital or emergency room. If you were to wait several days after the accident before seeking medical treatment, there is no way to prove that your injuries were sustained as a result of the accident.

Follow these immediate steps: file an accident report, seek medical treatment immediately following the accident, and that you contact a lawyer right away. For the final step, we can help. Simply fill out the form below to get contacted by a lawyer and start the consultation process: