What are the Home Improvement Trends for 2013?


2013 looks like it will offer a great deal of improvements to the home, while incorporating nostalgic classics into design elements. After a year of intense natural disasters and warmer temperatures, our experts predict that construction will move in a more sustainable and protective direction.

Color trends will be numerous; designers believe that many trendy colors are staying strong this year with a few fun additions. Finally, home remodeling projects will look to update existing features like security systems to sync with current technology.


Color can completely transform the feel and look of a room. Even color in small pieces like a chair or pillow can help to make a room pop. According to Kerry Ann Dame of Posh Surfside, of Posh Surfside,

“Neutral tones with an oatmeal or gray tint are sought after for paint colors and large upholstered pieces, acting as the perfect foil for each individual’s design style, expressed via art, accessories, textiles and rugs. Emerald green has been very well received as Pantone’s Color of the Year, but in coastal regions the lighter willow greens and citrons remain strong. Blues are getting deeper, with the dusty blues giving way to navy and even royal blue tones.”

Deep colors combined with neutrals create beautiful contrasts, we look forward to seeing this year’s hit color, emerald green, make a strong appearance in home interiors in 2013.


With technology constantly developing and being integrated into our lives, it has become a comforting contrast to incorporate vintage items into our homes. We are looking for home interior pieces that can share a little history with us or remind us of a happy memory. Kraig Kalashian of Kraig Kalashian Architecture expands,

“Decor items such as old signage, industrial storage units, and building materials (such as old brick or wood) are highly sought after. TV shows such as American Pickers combined with sustainable design practices (reduce, reuse, recycle) have created demand for anything vintage or reclaimed. These pieces tend to provide a richness of patina that new items don’t have.”

The green movement has also contributed to our desire to re-purpose and incorporate old pieces into our homes. This trend is probably here to stay for a long time.

Home Improvement

In contrast to the design trend of using old items as key décor pieces, technology is taking center stage in improvements to our home. Home security systems have been wildly popular for a long time. However, they have not necessarily been updated to reflect the strides in technology that we have made. Scriven King of The Security Dialogue explains further,

“There has been a tremendous push for more home automation and integration with home security systems. People enjoy being away from the home yet still managing their security from wherever they’re at. Several alarm companies have created mobile apps as well as various means to connect you to your security system while you’re away from your home.”

We will also see technological advances in managing the energy efficiency of our homes, especially in terms of heating and cooling.

Building to Withstand the Elements

In late October of last year, the East Coast was slammed by Hurricane Sandy. In the aftermath, it became clear that many homes and businesses were not built to withstand such a storm. Our experts stressed that we have to start making changes today to combat the potential problems of tomorrow, whether that means protection from storms or designing more energy efficient heating and cooling systems that save resources and money. Jason Todd of GreenHomes America gives us a clear picture,

“Our aging infrastructure and increased demand for energy means we are taxing the grid, and our aging housing stock. Given the recent events from Hurricane Sandy and the hottest year on record for the U.S., there is no better time than now to improve homes for health and safety, comfort, energy efficiency and weathering the storm!”

We are excited to see strides towards improved infrastructure in 2013.

Our experts have made it evident: 2013 will bring many technological home improvements and green design trends. It will be fascinating to see where each trend will go!