This week we learned a great deal from our home experts about making a rental feel like your own space. Through careful communication with your landlord and an understanding of what is allowed on your property, you can move forward with transforming a rental. Décor can be temporary and inexpensive, but still make a large impact.

We have compiled the top 7 tips from our home experts on how to personalize an apartment, condo, or home that is being rented:

1) Get to know your landlord so you know your limits when making changes to your rental.

Expert Tanya Stock of Vida Verde explains further,

“If the property is owned by a professional corporation your options are limited, so ask up front PRIOR to leasing/renting regarding what you can and cannot do. Once that is clear then you have a multitude of options in which to both personalize and “energize” your space.”

2) Temporary Wallpaper

Wallpaper can last for years in a home. But there are now options for temporary wallpaper, making a large scale change to the space. According to Laurie Gorelick of Laurie Gorelick Interiors,

“Tempaper is a temporary, ‘peel-and-stick’ wallpaper that makes it possible to economically add wall paper to a rental. Add it to an accent wall to make a huge impact for relatively little cost.”

3) Painting is an option

In most cases there are two circumstances for painting: you are willing to repaint before you move or if you pick a neutral color that the property owner approves of. Since painting is a relatively low cost project, this is a great option for personalizing your rental. No matter which option you choose, make sure to get written approval from your landlord first.

4) “Work-arounds”

Most people have art and photos that travel with them when they move. But many rentals have strict rules about holes in the walls. To get around this, Jill Banks of Happily Better After notes,

“When you can’t make any holes in the walls to hang curtain rods or wall accents, there are a couple of work-arounds, if what you’re hanging isn’t too heavy. 3M’s Command hanging products are great for hanging artwork or lightweight curtains/rods; tension rods can be used for hanging slightly heavier curtains; and for a more heady-duty solution, ReadyHang no-drill drapery hardware attaches to your window frames with a spring mechanism.”

5) Storage is key

A key component of any home and one of the easiest temporary solutions to décor. Book cases can be brought in to help with organization and clutter, and can be designed to look like they were built into the space. At the same time, such storage solutions leave with you when you move.

6) Fixtures and Hardware

Make changes to lighting fixtures and hardware around the rental, but be sure to save the originals to swap out when you move.

7) Get inspired by magazines

Photos in home magazines are typically staged with temporary changes to the room for the photo, therefore, modeling a rental’s décor off of these ideas can be very effective. Nancy Dalton of Baywolf Dalton Inc. explains,

“When we photograph our kitchens we stage them for the photo shoot. Look at photographs in magazines and on Houzz, they have been staged with items that can easily be removed and won’t leave any lasting marks since they usually don’t always belong to our clients. You can replicate these designer looks in your rental home, condo or apartment.”

Altogether, it is important to feel comfortable in your home space and feel that it reflects your lifestyle and taste. With these tips from our home experts, you;ll be able to personalize your space without losing your damage deposit or violating the terms of your lease.

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