You may not realize that the day after Thanksgiving isn’t just the biggest day of the year for retail shopping. It’s also the biggest day of the year for plumbing calls. Jokingly known as Brown Friday among plumbers, the day after Thanksgiving marks one of the busiest times of year for plumbers. Many of them wait on call on Thanksgiving Day for emergencies, but even those who get turkey day off find themselves handling various plumbing mistakes.

In order to help your friendly, neighborhood plumber, we’ve outlined 4 of the most common plumbing mistakes to avoid so you can dodge an expensive plumbing bill this holiday and give hardworking plumbers some much-needed time off.

Plumbing Mistake 1: A Garbage Disposal is Not a Garbage Disposal

It’s tempting to just throw whatever you want down the garbage disposal. That’s what it’s there for, after all. But contrary to popular belief, not everything can go down your garbage disposal and there are a lot of Thanksgiving items that should not. The most common clogs come from bones, eggshells, vegetable skins, and disposed of animal fat or grease. Take these out to the trash or compost. You can do yourself more favors by making sure the water is running while you flip on the disposal to help the blades catch the food particles.

Plumbing Mistake 2: Don’t Take Your Toilet For Granted

While you may have some issues here and there with your toilet, you most likely never have to think about what happens if it stops working. And unless you do regular maintenance and inspection on your toilets, you may not realize that they’re not ready to handle the number of guests you’ve got using them. While you may want to relegate your guests to one toilet, spread out the use so one toilet isn’t getting all the use and do a pre-Thanksgiving check to make sure everything looks good by listening for odd sounds, making sure it isn’t running, and there are no leaks.

Plumbing Mistake 3: Save the Hot Water

Like your toilets, your hot water is used to a certain amount of use. In fact, your hot water tank was designed for the size of your home and the intended number of occupants. It works by turning otherwise cold water hot and dispersing that, and when it runs out it takes time for it to heat up more water. So when you exceed that intended use, it can start to get dicey. Keep in mind places where you may not need to use hot or even warm water to save the much-needed hot water for showers. You can also boil cold or room temperature water for cooking use.

Plumbing Mistake 4: Not Embracing Some DIY

While some plumbing issues can be made worse by not calling a professional, you also don’t need to panic for every plumbing issue that happens. For example, most clogged toilets can be resolved with some effort and a plunger. A clogged sink can also be tackled with a plunger. Even hot water issues can be resolved with some troubleshooting. So, try not to call for little things if you can help it, this will help save you money and save busy plumbers time. But, keep in mind, some things you don’t want to DIY like frozen pipes, leaks that lead to flooding, gas leaks, and installing new plumbing appliances.

We hope you have an issue-free and fun holiday with your friends and family. While we hope you don’t need to give a plumber a call, we’ve always got help standing by.

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