surgical mistakesSurgical mistakes and errors account for more than 50% of all malpractice lawsuits against physicians and surgeons.

Though all surgeries have a certain degree or element of risk, there are times when surgeons simply make mistakes or errors.

These errors may cause more severe health problems.

Even if you are having negative reactions after surgery, due to the nature of the surgery, or anesthesia used, this does not necessarily constitute malpractice.

However, when the complications that arise are a clear result of a surgical mistake, then you should speak with an experienced malpractice attorney as soon as possible.

There are a number of different reasons why surgical errors and mistakes may occur.

The first one is that the medical professional team may have failed to prepare adequately for the surgery.

This may be the result when a physician or surgeon fails to spend quality time with a patient before the date of his or her surgery. As a result, they may miss crucial information and medical history that would be pertinent to performing the surgery.

If you believe that your surgeon has performed surgery and made critical mistakes and errors during the procedure you should speak with an experienced malpractice attorney right away. He or she will assess your situation and provide you with the counsel needed to devise a legal strategy.

Sometimes a surgeon may make a mistake because he or she is overworked, stressed, out or tired.

It isn’t uncommon for surgeons to work several shifts, back to back, however this is not a defense and the patient would be entitled to legal compensation for any damage caused by negligence.